EDAM carries out policy-oriented research both in-house and through partnerships. EDAM’s research programme mainly focuses on the following themes:


Turkey-EU Relations

EDAM focuses on several aspects of Turkey’s relations with the EU and seeks to share its findings with the decision-making bodies in the EU countries. Studies on the public opinion in EU countries regarding Turkish accession are realised and updated. Similar studies inquiring the perspectives of Turkish opinion leaders and makers on the EU process are also undertaken.


Foreign Policy and Security

Turkey's relations with other global and regional actors are also covered by EDAM. Turkey-USA relations, security policies, EU-NATO relations and Black Sea politics are taken up within this focus.


Arms Control and Non-Proliferation

EDAM has launched a program dedicated to non-proliferation and nuclear disarmament issues in Turkey and the surrounding region. The project aims to provide academics, media and government officials with access to the international agreements governing the spread of weapons of mass destruction and missile technologies, as well as up to date analysis of Turkey’s current non-proliferation policies in English and Turkish. The web site will be regularly updated with new policy analysis and research reports. This work on nuclear issues is supported through a partnership with the Nuclear Security Project of the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).


Globalization and Turkey

Under this programme title, EDAM undertakes research and prepares publications related to the impact of globalisation on Turkey, policies for the better management of globalisation, regulation and competitiveness of Turkish economy in the global context.


Regional Competitiveness

EDAM higlights the importance of regions’ competitiveness for the current global economic order. Under this research programme, studies on structural reforms and Turkish economy’s competitiveness from different sectors are conducted. Also, a yearly dataset on Turkish regions’ economic growth over years is kept up to date.


Energy and Climate Change

Turkey’s region is of vast importance to the realization of energy security. On the other hand, as a party to the Kyoto protocol and the country responsible for fastest growing greenhouse gas emissions Europe wide, Turkey is seeking ways to both secure its energy supplies, adopt an environmental friendly approach towards energy and at the same time be a global actor in energy matters. In line with this importance, EDAM undertakes research in a variety of matters focusing on climate change and energy, including impact assesment studies and nuclear energy policies.


Cyber Policy

The Cyber Policy Programme at EDAM seeks to examine the most pressing cyber issues facing the world today. As digital technology and the Internet increasingly influence many aspects of our daily lives, the need to understand how to approach and manage these changes through cyber-specific policies has grown. The digital universe has presented governments and citizens alike with the question of how to translate traditional conceptions of governance into the new frontier of cyberspace. By exploring topics like data privacy and surveillance, Internet freedoms, cybersecurity, and cyberwar, EDAM seeks to contribute to Turkey's efforts to formulate effective and comprehensive cyber policies.


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